About Mark White

A native of small town Missouri, Mark embarked on a 20-year career in retail that took him from elevator operator at a downtown department store to Vice President/Director of Stores for a nationwide retailer with 648 stores.

After living all over the country and changing cities every year, Mark decided to settle down. He moved back to Denver for its great urban core and went to work using his love of exploring neighborhoods selling properties and helping friends find homes.

Several successful years of selling real estate later, Mark wanted to combine his years of retail experience with real estate and create a "store" for homes. A neighborhood spot where he and other experienced agents could use new technology and in a relaxed atmosphere to make the process of buying and selling about people, not houses. After meeting John and discovering they both wanted to take real estate in a new direction, they founded LIVE.

When he's not minding the "store" in Highland Square, Mark is at home in Sunnyside, gardening or volunteering in the kitchen at Project Angel Heart, peeling potatoes, washing dishes, and trying to be useful.

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Q&A With Mark…

Where do you LIVE?
My partner and I just recently downsized from our big Victorian in Sunnyside to a tiny cottage next door. We got to become part of the "tiny house" movement and stay in a place. Sunnyside has been our home for 25 years, and we've loved seeing the changes and enjoyed the fact that we still have a real neighborhood. Old Italian neighbors, new kids, new construction, old homes. It's what an urban 'hood should be, great tradition with some new life!

Why Real Estate... Aren't There Enough Agents On The Planet Already?
There aren't enough agents who care about the people who are looking for homes. So many people in our profession are still living in a world where it's about agent egos and how many houses they can sell. Frankly much of it is self congratulatory BS. John and I founded LIVE so that we could have a place for the folks who think like we do...that it's about a home...not a house. I think that LIVE is that place. The world needs less closers...not less smart, engaged, neighborhood experts.

What Music Is Currently On Your Playlist?
I live on Spotify now. Whatever mood I'm in I can find a playlist that fits. Whether it's dancing to Abba in my office or lowering my blood pressure in the car with Mozart.

What Cause Gets Your Time And Money?
Urbiculture Community Farms ( http://www.ucfarms.org/index.html ) takes over the yard of our place in Sunnyside every spring and plants about 4000 square feet of food for the community. A great organization that has sustainability, and using underutilized urban land (front yards, back yards, school and church yards) to feed folks, at the center of their mission. We think it's a better use of our water and land than a blue grass lawn. We get so much joy out of seeing the amount of food that gets distributed every year. And someone else pulls the weeds!

Give It Up. What Local Restaurant Is Your Best Kept Secret?
Denver has become such an incredible food town in the last 10 years. We can't keep up and eat at the great new places that open every month. There is a lot out there, but we've always been fans of our neighbors, Jennifer Jasinski and Beth Gruitch. They started out with Rioja (www.riojadenver.com) years ago and have expanded to Bistro Vendome, Stoic & Genuine, and Euclid Hall. Jenn won a James Beard award along the way and all of these spots are consistently where we end up. Rioja just had facelift and we're discovering it all over again.